I've been blogging since December 2015 and I'm always interested in working with brands, PR companies and other bloggers. Feel free to email me about any future opportunities:


Twitter: 1.4k
Instagram: 850+
Facebook: 290+
Bloglovin: 300+

(September 2019)

Brands that I have worked with:

Penguin Random House

Cinderella colouring

Travel opportunities:

As a travel blogger, I enjoy sharing advice, tips and helpful products with my readers. Feel free to email me about any travel collaboration opportunities.

Canterbury opportunities:

I'm based in Canterbury and I am constantly promoting the local area, restaurants and tourist attractions. If there's a new restaurant, cafĂ© or tourist attraction opening in Canterbury or the surrounding area, feel free to contact me hereI love to support and feature businesses in the area on my blog!

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