Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Festive accessories for Munich

On Friday we'll be jetting off to Germany for the Munich Christmas markets. As it's a festive themed trip, I've decided to take some Christmas and Wintery accessories with me. The way I see it is if you can’t be extra festive on a Christmas market trip, when can you? For today’s post I’m going to share with you what Christmassy items I’m taking with me to Munich.

Festive accessories for our Munich Christmas Markets trip

Christmas jumpers - Primark & George at Asda

Munich won’t be the first occasion that I’ve sported a Christmas jumper this year so far, as I wore one of them when we went to see the Canterbury Christmas Light Switch On a couple of weeks ago. I’ll be taking both of my jumpers with me for our Christmas market trip, which include the popular grey Primark x Disney jumper and my Rudolf George at Asda jumper that I purchased last year.

Ear muffs and wooly hat

It’s going to be pretty cold in Munich, so I’ve decided to be prepared and pack my sparkly ear muffs and Winter cat hat. I always feel cold whenever we travel in Winter, so the more Winter accessories, the better.

Christmas pudding earrings

Last but not least is my glittery Christmas pudding earrings. During the month of December, I always like to wear seasonal jewellery, even if I’m wearing ‘everyday outfits’. It’s my way of saying Christmas is here without going overboard and dressing up like a Christmas tree haha!

I’m really excited for our Munich trip. It’s only a few days till we’ll be soaking up the German Christmas Market atmosphere.

Have you ever been to a Christmas market?

Thanks for reading my blog today.



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