Friday, 7 April 2017

Maps that every travel fan should invest in

The PopOut maps made by Compass Maps Limited are perfect for any travel fan. They're small, high quality and feature lots of details about places to visit in cities around the world. Since December I've been collecting them and so far I have Rome, Dublin, Boston and Lisbon. They can be purchased for £3.99 on Amazon or in store at Waterstones.

Each PopOut map contains 2 city maps on the inside and a public transport map on the back cover. The city maps usually show the greater city area, the city centre or specific well-known districts. So far I haven't needed the public transport map, but the city maps are great for navigating around a city on foot.

You might think why purchase maps, when you can get free ones from hotels or tourist information offices? Well these are much higher quality than the free ones and there is nothing more convenient when travelling, than having a map ready for when you land at the airport in a new city. You can have your accommodation marked on a map all ready to go and the journey to the city centre will feel a lot less stressful.

As a regular traveller and travel blogger, I totally recommend these maps!

Do you own any of the PopOut maps?

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